1929 Missouri Road Map

I recently came across this little folding Missouri Road Map. Inside someone has written “1929-1930″, and since it has Highway 40 on it (which was built in the ’20s), there’s a good chance that the date is correct. Cover of the 1929 Map of Missouri

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Missed Church Services Postcard

There’s something very quaint about this postcard that I found in amongst photo postcards from the early 1900s. It was most likely used by a Missouri church around that time.

William H. Harrison of Boonville, Mo., born June 10, 1842

William Henry Harrison, of Boonville, Missouri, is a difficult man to track down, due to the unfortunate circumstance of sharing a name with the ninth President of the United States. This William Harrison was born in Howard County, Missouri, on June 10, 1842. Portrait of W. H. Harrison

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Double Celebration for the W.J. Cochran family

Here is a short article that may be of interest to those researching the Cochran or Harrison families. It was printed in 1927 and references the marriage of Mattie Callaway Harrison to W.J. Cochran in 1890. Although the Cochran family is well documented (due to W.J.’s successful construction business in Boonville, Missouri) it’s alway nice to have extra evidence.

Video: Dedication of the Churchill Memorial, 1969

The Churchill Memorial in Fulton, Missouri was dedicated in 1969, after being moved from London, England and painstakingly reconstructed, stone by stone. It was an important event for the small town of Fulton, Missouri, and thousands of people gathered to commemorate the event. Note: The video has no sound, since it was converted from 8mm film.

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John Cochran and Rosanna Acton, Irish Immigrants

John Cochrans tombstone John Cochran was born in Ireland on November 28th, 1790 to his parents Samuel Cochran and Margaret Wilson. He grew up in Castlebar, Ireland with his 4 brothers and sisters: Alexander Cochran, born 1794 in Ireland Mary Cochran, born 1797 in Ireland Catherine Cochran, born 1800 in Ireland Margaret Cochran, born 1804 in Ireland

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Marcellus Gladden Gorin

Photo of Marcellus Gladden Gorin from his obituary in the St. Louis Republican Marcellus Gladden Gorin was born in about 1836 in Louisiana, Missouri, son of Bartley William Gorin and Mary Johnson. Marcellus attended Westminster College in Fulton, MO, and received a Doctor of Divinity degree. In 1858 he married Joanna Knott, sister of Kentucky governor James Proctor Knott in Memphis, MO. Marcellus and Joanna had seven children:

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Cosby Berryman Harrison

Cosby Berryman Harrison was born in about 1801 in Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County). He moved to Boonville, Missouri (Cooper County) around 1826. In 1827 He married Mary Callaway, whose great uncle Flanders Callaway eventually married Daniel Boone’s daughter. They had 12 children: James Abram Harrison, married Fannie Smith Sidney Ann Harrison, married Willis Tackett Mary Catherine Harrison, married A.H.C. Koontz Cosby Harrison Millie Harrison, married Ed Buseane, and later Andrew Hazelton Charles Harrison, married Bertie Givens. They settled in Howard County in 1825, then moved to Cooper County in 1842. Charles fought with the Confederate Army under General Price. William Henry Harrison, married Laura Lundy. He enrolled as a Militiaman on December 29, 1866. Sarah Harrison, married Will Heffinger. Samuel Harrison, died as an infant. Juliette Harrison, married Will Masters. Robert Harrison Susan Harrison

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