William H. Harrison of Boonville, Mo., born June 10, 1842

William Henry Harrison, of Boonville, Missouri, is a difficult man to track down, due to the unfortunate circumstance of sharing a name with the ninth President of the United States. This William Harrison was born in Howard County, Missouri, on June 10, 1842.

Portrait of W. H. Harrison

Portrait of W. H. Harrison

William was born just across the river from Boonville, Missouri, to

Cosby Berryman Harrison and Mary Callaway. He married Laura Lundy on March 7, 1866, and had six children:

  • James Edward Harrison, born December 10, 1866
  • Cammie Harrison, born December 7, 1868
  • Martha (Mattie) Callaway, born October 2, 1870
  • Thomas Brent Harrison, twin, who died in infancy
  • Robert Markley Harrison, twin, birthdate unknown
  • Mary (Mayme) Alice Harrison, born November 11th, 1879

He was a stagecoach driver and pioneer settler of Cooper County, Missouri. He later became a supervisor of road construction.

William H. Harrison

William Henry Harrison died on November 8th, 1915, of apoplexy, while overseeing road work on the Santa Fe Trail.

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