John Cochran and Rosanna Acton, Irish Immigrants

John Cochran's tombstone

John Cochrans tombstone

John Cochran was born in Ireland on November 28th, 1790 to his parents Samuel Cochran and Margaret Wilson.  He grew up in Castlebar, Ireland with his 4 brothers and sisters:

  • Alexander Cochran, born 1794 in Ireland
  • Mary Cochran, born 1797 in Ireland
  • Catherine Cochran, born 1800 in Ireland
  • Margaret Cochran, born 1804 in Ireland

John married Rosanna (Rosie) Acton (born in Castlebar, October 9th, 1792) and they were also married there.  They had 9 children:

  • Samuel Cochran, born in Castlebar, Ireland in 1822
  • Dennis Cochran, born in Ireland in 1824
  • Esther Cochran, born in Belfast, Ireland in 1826
  • Matthew Cochran, born in Ireland in 1828
  • John Cochran, born in Ireland in 1833
  • Rosanna Cochran, born in Ireland in 1836
  • William Cochran, born in Ireland in 1837
  • Ann Cochran, born in Ireland in 1842
  • Mary Jane Cochran, born in Ireland (date unknown)
Rosanna Cochrans tombstone

Rosanna Cochrans tombstone

John and Rosanna Cochran must have moved to Belfast between 1822 and 1826.  Matthew, Sam, and Dennis emigrated to America in the mid 1800s. They came in to Patterson, New Jersey, and then sent for their family.  They moved westward, like many other immigrants, eventually settling in Boonville, Missouri.  William moved to St. Louis, Missouri; and Esther went to Utah.  Mary Jane moved Iowa.

The younger John Cochran (born in 1833) went on to start a successful construction company, and built many of Boonville’s historic buildings – many of which are still standing today.

Cochran Family gathering 1894

Cochran Family gathering 1894

John Cochran passed away in 1858, and Rosanna Cochran passed away 1877.  Both are buried in Walnut Grove cemetery in Boonville, Missouri.