The 1926 University of Missouri Savitar

I recently bought a copy of the 1926 University of Missouri yearbook (The Savitar) to find photos of some ancestors.  Below are a few photos.


It’s a fairly thick book (nearly 2 inches!), so I’ve published only a few photos and scans below.  It’s amazing how little college yearbooks have changed in nearly 100 years.




1926 Savitar page 1

1926 Savitar page 2

Here are the names of the people listed on the last two pages above:

  • Chester Harris Miller, from St. Louis
  • Florence Miller, from Boonville
  • Hubert Miller, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Martha Miller, from Chillicothe
  • Joe Milligan, from Joplin
  • Mazie Mills, from Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  • Elizabeth Miltenberger, from Jackson
  • Marie Mistele, from Kansas City
  • Ann Mitchell, from St. Louis
  • Alma Moore, from Excelsior Springs
  • Joseph Moore, from Mt. Vernon
  • Mildred Morehead, from Milan

Second Page:

  • Joe Alex Morris, from Lancaster
  • George Motley, from Bowling Green
  • Albert Muench, from St. Joseph
  • Virginia Mullinax, from Princeton
  • C. Sinclair Murch, from University City
  • Dennis Murphy, from Festus
  • Charles Nebel, from Schenectady, New York
  • John Nelson, from Bartlesville
  • Gus Nemzer, from Kansas City
  • David Newell, from Fort Pierce, Florida
  • Marjorie Newton, from Parsons, Kansas