Philadelphia Marriage announcements for May 8th, 1914

Below is the list of marriage licenses issued printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer on May 8th, 1914.

Marriage Licenses Issued

Marriage Licenses Issued

  • Alice M. Connelly, 718 S. 18th st., and Harry J. Gonya, 1400 Spruce st.
  • Edna B. Carson, 2418 S. Garnet st., and Harry C. Eldredge, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Helen P. Taylor, 1421 Wyoming st., and David J. Timmons, 1809 N. Camac st.
  • Elizabeth W. Herr, 1506 Arch st., and Gustav E. Olson, 2830 N. 15th st.
  • Ethel Bowles, 1704 Olive st., and James Griffin, 828 Burns st.
  • Ottilia Pfuger, 522 Master st., and Alphonse Wagner, 1003 N. 6th st.
  • Fredericka Weber, 2139 N. 11th st., and Harry G. Dobinson, 2139 N. 11th st.
  • Elsie M. Gilmer, 4902 Cedar ave., and John M. Lawlor, 412 S. 23rd st.
  • Violet M. Williams, 1920 Pine st., and Alfred R. Bird, 1801 Walnut st.
  • Mary A. Houck, 2519 N. 7th st., and Thomas B. Stanley, 2519 N. 7th st.
  • Gertrude M. O’Connor, 2219 Ruffner st., and Charles L. Riffetts, 2124 Ruffner st.
  • Lillie M. Geissler, 3751 N. 8th st., 3751 N. 8th st., and Charles J Frister, 2425 N. 4th st.
  • Gisa Hasselhon, 1221 Mascher st., and Stefan Fador, 1530 N. Bodine st.
  • Anna E. Good, 5825 Haverford ave., and Emil H. Meyer, Norwood, Pa.
  • Viola Jones, 1231 Rodman st., and Robert David, 1232 Rodman st.
  • Abbie C. Milliken, 1723 W. Huntingdon st., and Leslie W. Maddock, 2618 N. Chadwick st.
  • Martha M. Mulcey, 901 69th ave., Oak Lane, and Guido Di Vicenzo, 901 69th ave., Oak Lane.

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