Britton Frank Stamps

Britton Frank Stamps - photo taken from The Heritage of Butler County, AlabamaBritton Frank Stamps was born December 13th, 1791 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.  He was the son of James Stamps and Sarah Johnson. He was quite active in politics both in Georgia and in Alabama, and over time served as Sherriff, Justice of the Peace, Justice of the Inferior Court, and U. S. Marshall. He was also very active in several Baptist churches, and was considered to be an upstanding citizen.

Chambers County court house - photo courtesy of the Cobb Memorial and Chambers County ArchivesAt age 19, Britton Stamps married Polly Sanders (December 18th of 1810), and they had thirteen children.  Polly passed away in March of 1832, and shortly afterwards Britton married his second wife, Sarah Sanders (on August 7, 1832).  Britton and Sarah had 9 children, bringing the total up to 22 children.  After Sarah died Britton married Isabella Goldsmith.  Britton and Isabella did not have any children.

Children of Polly Sanders and Britton Frank Stamps

  1. Stamps, Lorena J.. She was born on 1811-11-25 in Georgia, USA.
  2. Stamps, Sarah E.. She was born on 1813-02-20.
  3. Stamps, Louisa M.. She was born on 1814-10-09.
  4. Stamps, Jonathon Sanders. He was born on 1815-10-12 in Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA. He died on 1891-01-13 in Thomaston, Georgia, USA.
  5. Stamps, Elizabeth Cooleen. She was born on 1817-10-12.
  6. Stamps, Eleanor Elam. She was born on 1819-06-11.
  7. Stamps, Mary Sanders. She was born on 1821-09-20 in Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA.
  8. Stamps, Harvy James. He was born on 1823-02-02 in Georgia, USA. He died in 1903-01-00 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA.
  9. Stamps, Britton Frank. He was born on 1825-02-25 in Georgia, USA. He died on 1902-02-17 in Boyd, Wise, Texas, USA.
  10. Stamps, Lucy I.. She was born on 1826-08-09.
  11. Stamps, William J.. He was born on 1826-08-09.
  12. Stamps, Edwin R.. He was born on 1830-09-06.
  13. Stamps, Joseph Theodosia. He was born on 1832-03-04.

Children of Sarah Sanders and Britton Frank Stamps

  1. Stamps, Martha J.. She was born on 1834-08-23.
  2. Stamps, Iradell Winston. He was born on 1837-08-27.
  3. Stamps, Cynthia W.. She was born on 1839-07-24.
  4. Stamps, A. Eliza. She was born on 1842-06-18.
  5. Stamps, George Rockingham. He was born on 1844-11-09.
  6. Stamps, Edna Josephine. She was born on 1847-06-16.
  7. Stamps, John Henry. He was born in 1849-00-00.
  8. Stamps, Henry G.. He was born on 1851-08-30.
  9. Stamps, Frances D.. He was born on 1851-08-30.

Court document from the 1830s