Augustin Troxclair and Felicite LeBoeuf, St. James Parish, Louisiana

Augustin Troxclair (also spelled Trosclaire, Troxler, Troxclaire, among others) lived in St. James Parish, Louisiana, just west of New Orleans. He was born in Saint James Parish in about 1820. Augustin was married to Felicite LeBoeuf, who was born in St. James Parish around 1810. The 1860 census for St. James Parish lists Augustin as a Farmer, living just next to Jean Rome.

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Louisiana Birth & Death Records

A note from the Louisiana Secretary of State I recently sent off for several Louisiana records and have just received a very clear response that explains what records are available to researchers. The note reads: In 1918 the Louisiana Legislature mandated the registering of births and deaths occuring in the state. Even though it was a state law, unless a person was born or died in a hospital, it was the family’s responsibility to file the birth or death certificate. In the early 1950’s, the funeral homes took over filing the death certificates. Before 1952 it is not unusual for there to be NO state death certificate on file. Your only recorse is to check for obituaries, coroner, probate or church records in the parish where the death occured. This note came from the office of the Secretary of State of Louisiana.

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