Daniel Whitlow of Kentucky

Daniel Whitlow was born in 1795 in Kentucky, to Pleasant Whitlow and Tabitha Tudor. He married Francis Ray “Fannie” Tison on May 6th, 1835. Daniel moved to Illinois in the mid 1800s, and is listed in the 1850 census for Greene County, Illinois as a farmer.

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Cosby Berryman Harrison

Cosby Berryman Harrison was born in about 1801 in Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County). He moved to Boonville, Missouri (Cooper County) around 1826. In 1827 He married Mary Callaway, whose great uncle Flanders Callaway eventually married Daniel Boone’s daughter. They had 12 children: James Abram Harrison, married Fannie Smith Sidney Ann Harrison, married Willis Tackett Mary Catherine Harrison, married A.H.C. Koontz Cosby Harrison Millie Harrison, married Ed Buseane, and later Andrew Hazelton Charles Harrison, married Bertie Givens. They settled in Howard County in 1825, then moved to Cooper County in 1842. Charles fought with the Confederate Army under General Price. William Henry Harrison, married Laura Lundy. He enrolled as a Militiaman on December 29, 1866. Sarah Harrison, married Will Heffinger. Samuel Harrison, died as an infant. Juliette Harrison, married Will Masters. Robert Harrison Susan Harrison

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Thomas Lundy of Reading, Pennsylvania

I’ve been trying to find information about Thomas Lundy and his daughter, Laura Lundy for some time. Here’s all the information that I have – please contact me if you have any more info! Thomas Lundy was born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1807. He married Mary Ann Johnson and moved to Kentucky, working as a Tailor there. He dropped dead on the road between Pittsburgh and Monangehelia. Thomas was thought to be of Scotch descent but Uncle Sink (see below) claimed that he came from Ireland. Thomas ran a store at Maysville, Kentucky, and some think he also had one in Georgetown, Ky. Mary Ann Lundy was born in 1809 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her mother was Nancy Thomas of Pennsylvania, but I don’t have any more information about her. Mary Ann died on April 8th in either 1880 or 1881 and was eventually buried in Carrollton, Missouri. The 1850 census for Jessamine, Kentucky shows Thomas and Mary Ann living with 7 children. It shows that Thomas and George Lundy were both Tailors.

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