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Senator Moses Clapp was an Advocate for the Deaf

I recently stumbled across an interesting fact about Moses Clapp. In addition to being a tireless advocate for the rights of women, black people, and American Indians, he also supported deaf people. In A Place of Their Own: Creating the Deaf Community in America, author John Van Cleve explains that “Minnesota Senator Moses E. Clapp […]


1909 Obituary of William Wyatt Whitlow

William Wyatt Whitlow died on February 11, 1909 of blood poisoning. The text of his obituary reads “W. W. Whitlow, of Harvel, who was taken to the hospital in Litchfield some time ago, suffering with blood poisoning, died there last Thursday. He was about 70 years of age and is well known here.”

William H. Harrison of Boonville, Mo., born June 10, 1842

William Henry Harrison, of Boonville, Missouri, is a difficult man to track down, due to the unfortunate circumstance of sharing a name with the ninth President of the United States. This William Harrison was born in Howard County, Missouri, on June 10, 1842.


Daniel Whitlow of Kentucky

Daniel Whitlow was born in 1795 in Kentucky, to Pleasant Whitlow and Tabitha Tudor.  He married Francis Ray “Fannie” Tison on May 6th, 1835.  Daniel moved to Illinois in the mid 1800s, and is listed in the 1850 census for Greene County, Illinois as a farmer.  


William Wyatt Whitlow of Greene County, Illinois

William Wyatt Whitlow was born on April 1, 1834, in Greene County, Illinois to Daniel Whitlow and Francis Tison (“Fannie”).  He worked as a farmer in Greene County for most of his life, and eventually worked as the Commissioner of Highways.  In 1856 he moved to Montgomery County, Illinois, and married his wife, Fannie Elizabeth […]

John Cochran and Rosanna Acton, Irish Immigrants

John Cochran was born in Ireland on November 28th, 1790 to his parents Samuel Cochran and Margaret Wilson.  He grew up in Castlebar, Ireland with his 4 brothers and sisters: Alexander Cochran, born 1794 in Ireland Mary Cochran, born 1797 in Ireland Catherine Cochran, born 1800 in Ireland Margaret Cochran, born 1804 in Ireland

Augustin Troxclair and Felicite LeBoeuf, St. James Parish, Louisiana

Augustin Troxclair (also spelled Trosclaire, Troxler, Troxclaire, among others) lived in St. James Parish, Louisiana, just west of New Orleans.  He was born in Saint James Parish in about 1820.  Augustin was married to Felicite LeBoeuf, who was born in St. James Parish around 1810. The 1860 census for St. James Parish lists Augustin as […]

Marcellus Gladden Gorin

Marcellus Gladden Gorin was born in about 1836 in Louisiana, Missouri, son of Bartley William Gorin and Mary Johnson. Marcellus attended Westminster College in Fulton, MO, and received a Doctor of Divinity degree. In 1858 he married Joanna Knott, sister of Kentucky governor James Proctor Knott in Memphis, MO.  Marcellus and Joanna had seven children:


Harvey Spaulding Clapp

Harvey Spaulding Clapp was born in Moretown, Vermont, in 1817 to Rufus Clapp and Wealthy Parkhurst Spaulding. He traveled extensively throughout the Great Lakes as a marble salesman and kept a diary, which, although it consists almost entirely of mundane business transactions, shows him to have possessed an extraordinary intellect.  The diary, written in the […]

Senator Moses Clapp

Moses Edwin Vail Clapp was born on May 21st, 1851 in Delphi, Indiana, son of Harvey Spaulding Clapp and Jane Abigail Clapp (nee Vandercook).  He went to law school at the University of Wisconsin.  At age 23, Moses married Harriet “Hattie” Allen of Indiana. Moses and Hattie Clapp had four children: Catrina Clapp, born in […]