Thomas Lundy of Reading, Pennsylvania

I’ve been trying to find information about Thomas Lundy and his daughter, Laura Lundy for some time.  Here’s all the information that I have – please contact me if you have any more info!

Thomas Lundy was born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1807. He married Mary Ann Johnson and moved to Kentucky, working as a Tailor there.  He dropped dead on the road between Pittsburgh and Monangehelia.  Thomas was thought to be of Scotch descent but Uncle Sink (see below) claimed that he came from Ireland.  Thomas ran a store at Maysville, Kentucky, and some think he also had one in Georgetown, Ky.

Mary Ann Lundy was born in 1809 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Her mother was Nancy Thomas of Pennsylvania, but I don’t have any more information about her.  Mary Ann died on April 8th in either 1880 or 1881 and was eventually buried in Carrollton, Missouri.

The 1850 census for Jessamine, Kentucky shows Thomas and Mary Ann living with 7 children.  It shows that Thomas and George Lundy were both Tailors.

Thomas and Mary Ann Lundy had 9 children:

  1. George Lundy, born in 1832 or 1833.  He was born in Pittsburgh but lived in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  2. Mary Ann Lundy, born January 10, 1835 in Pittsburgh.  She died on March 6th, 1912 in Carrollton, Missouri.  At age 20 she married David Cox, a blacksmith who died in the Civil War in 1864.  Mary and David had four children.  After David died she married James Sims in 1867 and had a daughter named Katie.
  3. James Lundy, born in 1842, and was killed in the Civil War.
  4. John D. Lundy (sometimes called J. D. Lundy).
  5. Sinclair Gray Lundy (“Uncle Sink”), born in 1838 in Pennsylvania.  He married a woman named Elizabeth and worked as a harness maker.
  6. William Lundy.
  7. Ann Elizabeth Lundy (“Lizzie”), born in 1840.  Lizzie married a man called “Markley” and they had a daughter named Alice, who later married someone by the name of Bauer.  She died on March 4th, 1876.
  8. Martha Lundy (“Mattie”) was born March 17th, 1843 in Woodford County, Kentucky.  Mattie taught school in Pettis County, and moved to Missouri in 1860.  She died August 15th, 1901.
  9. Laura Lundy was born May 7th, 1845.  She married William Henry Harrison.

Again, if you have any information about the Lundy family please contact me (or just leave a comment).